Bombay Botanicals Bazaar

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Mikey’s first project back in NZ was with one of his longtime mates and mentors, Chase Bickerton, throwing together the magic that was Bombay Bazaar. Mikey was brought in to help streamline the logistics side of batching at volume and the management of an ever-changing bar & floor team of more than 20.

Arancia Spritz


Bombay Bazaar was by no means an easy feat, in-fact quite the opposite, along with putting across some reasonably challenging and interesting drinks in concept we were tasked with the job of turning each beverage into stable batches each adding up to around 2600 beverages, the scale was insane!! But we got there, a few more hours back of house in the Mint Kitchen prep space and we were good to go.


157L of Carrot Rosé cooking away in the Sous Vide!

The Bazaar was set out to be something super different, around the world market places with street food and weird and wacky treats are the norm, but unfortunately, the closest we get to that in NZ is the Otara flea Market. To put this concept across is the best way we wanted the experience to be the major deal here. The drinks themselves were delicious and very well understood but our focus was creating a seem-less flow in the room from one botanical experience to another. Chase and Jamie both worked tirelessly on nailing food and drink offering to make it approachable, this down to the point that combinations of different drink and food items from different market stands would still sit hand in hand.


The overall experience seem to go down a treat, from the sensory experience on entry all the way through to the physical Market place, It was really great to see something so different, welcomed with open arms and this really reinforces the excitement that not only the hospitality industry but also our ever changing guests are constantly developing with the times and open to experience new challenges. Bring on 2018!

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