Story To Napkin

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Story to Napkin was a seminar/takeover series that Mikey took around New Zealand’s major cities back in November & January. The focus was quite simple, as he had just returned from London with a flurry of new ideas he wanted to test the waters of what would be well and not so well received. Story to Napkin was showcased in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Queenstown with a seminar followed by a takeover in the host venue.

Queenstown Story to Napkin, Jan 2018

Aside from testing the waters, Story to Napkin also challenged New Zealand bartenders to step outside the box with their thinking and development, to question everything they had already learned and push themselves to build sustainable elements into drinks from the get go. This was done by giving an idea or structure on how you can build a drink experience and everything else that comes with it from a story and how you can extract ingredients from said story. It was something that his previous employment in London had championed as a style and Mikey really wanted to showcase exactly how this could be developed to suit not only the New Zealand industry but also the New Zealand consumer.

“Overall the rapour was great”, Mikey said, “People were inquisitive, happy to listen and ask question which I was stoked with. The levelĀ of Hospitality in New Zealand has come a long way in recent years and it’s really humbling to see bartenders who truly do care about what they serve across the bar and how it may be perceived”

Dragon’s Gold, Wellington Story to Napkin

“The drinks I ran for the takeovers were quite challenging but the idea was to put something across that nobody had seen before that still had a little connection or some form of cultural meaning”.

“These drinks were not only built from stories but also used specific ingredients to each of the regions as their structural pillars. For example, sea rimu & kombu seaweed infused Rogue Society Gin was used in Wellington alongside Maori potato orgeat in a classic “Army & Navy – Esk” format. Now these elements were trigger items in this case to build that connection but they also had the intrigue level with the formats I used them in”.

Story to Napkin, Nov 2017

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